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Miranda Richardson on Screen

2017 Good Omens (TV series)
Girlfriends (TV)
A Love Song (Show the Love) - short
2016 David Walliams and Friend
The Happy Prince
2015 An Inspector Calls (TV)
Casanova (TV)
Operation Orangutan (TV narrator)
And Then There Were None (TV)
Danger Mouse (TV) - Queen of the Weevils
2014 Psychobitches (TV) S02E05 - Enid Blyton
The Incredible Adventures of Professor Branestawm (TV)
Testament of Youth
Muppets Most Wanted
Mapp and Lucia (TV)
2013 Belle
2012 Dead Boss (TV)
Off By Heart - Shakespeare (TV narrator)
World Without End (TV)
Parade's End (TV)
Elizabeth Taylor - Auction of a Lifetime (TV narrator)
2010 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1
Made in Dagenham
Rubicon (AMC TV series)
2009 A Fox's Tale
The Young Victoria
Turtle: The Incredible Journey (narrator)
2008 Blackadders Most Cunning Moments (TV)
Blackadder: The Whole Rotten Saga (TV)
The Five-Thirty Show (Scottish TV) - guest August 22nd
The Thirties in Colour (TV narrator)
The One Show (TV) - guest June 21st
2007 Loose Women (TV) - guest December 13th
Taste of My Life (TV) - guest March 14
Fred Claus
Life and Times of Vivienne Vyle (TV)
2006 Thirty Greatest Political Comedies (TV narrator)
Extinct (TV presenter)
Paris, Je T'aime
Final Chance to Save - the Aye-Aye (TV presenter)
Spinning into Butter
Southland Tales
Merlin's Apprentice (TV)
Midsummer Dream
Gideon's Daughter (TV)
2005 Starry Night (short)
Crouching Ox, Crowing Rooster (voice - WSPA short)
Bottletop Bill (voice- TV)
Harry Potter 4 - The Goblet of Fire
2004 Absolutely Fabulous - White Box - 2004 Christmas special
Inspector for a Day - RSPCA campaign short
Britains Best Sitcom - Blackadder - interviewed
Phantom of the Opera
Churchill: The Hollywood Years
The Prince and Me
2003 V Graham Norton (TV chat show) - guest, 5th December 2003
Falling Angels
The Rage in Placid Lake
Call My Bluff (TV Game Show) - Panellist, 29th May 2003, 18th June 2003
The Actors
Harmony in Hanoi (TV documentary) - Narrator
The Lost Prince (TV)
Comic Relief 2003 - Harry Potter and the Secret Chamberpot of Azerbaijan (TV)
2002 The Hours
PG Wodehouse: The Long Exile (TV documentary) - Narrator
Shooting Stars - Series 5 - TV guest panellist
2001 Snow White (TV)
Fantastic Flying Journey (voice - TV series)
2000 The Magic of Vincent (short)
Get Carter
Chicken Run
Blackadder Back and Forth
1999 Sleepy Hollow
Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang
Natural World - In The Company of Bears (TV documentary) - Narrator
James Bond Story - Shaken Not Stirred (TV special) - Narrator
Comic Relief - Debt Wish Show - Narrator
Straight Up - The Human Voice (1 ep of TV series) - Blanche
Jesus - The Miracle Maker (voice)
The Big Brass Ring (TV)
All For Love (TV) ('St Ives' in America)
The King and I (voice)
Alice in Wonderland (TV special)
1998 Ted and Ralph (TV)
The Apostle
Merlin (TV mini-series)
The Scold's Bridle (TV series - 2 episodes)
Wildlife Showcase - Night of the Bogongs - narrator (UK version)
1997 Natural World - Living Eden (TV documentary)
Swann (Canadian TV/BBC film)
The Story of the Storyteller Saint-Ex
Designated Mourner (film of the play)
Comic Relief 1997 - Rest and Recreation (TV)
A Dance to the Music of Time (TV mini-series - 2 of 4 episodes)
1996 Human Rights, Human Wrongs - Gay and Lesbian Rights
Evening Star
Kansas City
1995 Travel Show Christmas Special - segment on the Everglades (TV presenter)
Magic Animals - (TV documentary series - 4 episodes)
1994 Equinox - Brave New Babies (TV documentary) - Narrator
The Night and the Moment
Tom and Viv
Fatherland (TV - HBO telemovie)
Absolutely Fabulous - New Best Friend (TV)
Il Postino (Soundtrack album only)
1993 Century
The Line, The Cross and the Curve (Music video with Kate Bush)
Comic Strip Presents... Space Virgins from the Planet Sex (TV)
Comic Strip Presents... Jealousy (TV)
Comic Strip Presents... Demonella (TV)
Saturday Night Live (US TV - 1 episode guest host)
1992 Enchanted April ('Screen Two' BBC2)
True Adventures of Christopher Columbus (TV - 4 episodes)
The Crying Game
Broken Skin (short) (run on Channel 4 as episode of 'Short and Curlies')
Dancing (8 episode documentary series BBC) - narrator UK
1991 Snap Shots (Channel 4 - 15 minute profile of Miranda)
Redemption ('Screenplay' BBC2)
The Bachelor
Old Times - play by Harold Pinter ('Performance' BBC2)
Mr Wakefield's Crusade (TV series - 1 of 3 episodes)
1990 10 x 10 - Secret Friends (TV - 10 minute play)
Comic Strip Presents... Les Dogs (TV) 
The Fool
Die Kinder (TV series - 6 episodes)
Twisted Obsession (aka The Mad Monkey)
1989 Black Adder Goes Forth - General Hospital (TV)
Smith and Jones (TV series - 4 of 6 episodes guest appearance)
Jackanory (TV series - reading "My Friend Walter")
Cracking Up (TV documentary series - 1 episode)
Ball Trap on the Cote Sauvage (TV)
A Night of Comic Relief - sketch with Nigel Havers
1988 Sweet As You Are (Screen Two - BBC2) (TV)
Master Builder (Theatre Night BBC2) (TV)
Black Adder's Christmas Carol (TV - Christmas Special)
A Night of Comic Relief - sketch with Martin Shaw
1987 Black Adder III - Amy and Amiability (TV)
After Pilkington (Screen Two - BBC2)(TV)
Jim Henson's The Storyteller - The Three Ravens (TV)
Empire of the Sun
Eat The Rich (Comic Strip Presents..)
1986 Video Arts (Management Training film) - Telephone Behaviour: Power and the Perils
Shades of Darkness - The Demon Lover (TV)
Lost Secret (and Lost Secret 2000) - English as a Second Language course
Unnatural Causes - Lost Property (TV)
1985 Death of a Heart (TV)
Video Arts (Management Training film) - The Unorganised Manager #3, #4
Black Adder II (TV - 6 episodes)
Dance With a Stranger
The Innocent
1984 Sorrell and Son (TV - episode 4 only)
1983 Woman of Substance (TV)
Hard Word (TV - 5 eps)
Crown Court (TV - 1 story - A Matter of Trust))
1982 The Further Adventures of Lucky Jim - ep 7 Will Success Spoil Jim Dixon (TV)
1981 Agony - From Here To Maternity (TV)
1980 The First Day