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BottleTop Bill (and his best friend Corky)


A childrens animation series depicting the adventures of Bill and his best friend Corky the horse. Bill and Corky are made from everyday bits and pieces - things that might otherwise be thrown away.

As each story unfolds, so does the world that Bill and Corky are exploring. In the distance a mountain forms from old boxes, tape, wire mesh and paper. A cave appears, made from a bucket and old carpet. Inside the cave a giant bat evolves from a bottle, plastic sheet and an old toy.

There are no limits to the strange places and characters Bottle Top Bill and Corky come across. There are stories in the Wild West, ancient Egypt, and mythological Greece, under the sea or in outer space. As each episode shows, there are no limits to what can be created using everyday bits and pieces. (from ABC TV)



Reviews & Notes

A joint project between (UK Channel) Five, CBC Canada and ABC Australia, and made in Singapore.
Each participating country has provided their own voice artistes, and in the UK version Corky the horse will be voiced by Miranda.
There are 26 x 10min episodes of the show

UK version commenced screening on 5th September 2005, as part of the 'Milkshake' show.

An Australian website for the show can be found at http://abc.net.au/children/bottletopbill/default2.htm