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ITV joined forces with the WWF - World Wildlife Fund- for this five part series which aimed to raise awareness about species that may die out in the next century unless something is done to protect them.

Sir Trevor McDonald and Zoe Ball presented the prime time show live, with reports from around the globe and studio guests.
Cameras followed Sadie Frost, Michael Portillo, Miranda Richardson, Dermot O'Leary, Graeme Le Saux and Pauline Collins as they set off to experience for themselves the frontline struggle for the animals' survival in the series which transmits across a week.
Miranda's episode screened on Wed 13th December, and she presented the situation of the Asian elephant.
On behalf of their animal, the celebrities appealed to viewers to vote by phone and text.
The final result was screened on 16th Dec where the celebrities were interviewed by Trevor McDonald and Zoe Ball and the 'winner' announced
Pauline Collins on behalf of the Bengal tiger received the most votes.



Reviews & Notes

Extinct ran from Saturday, 9th December to 16th December on ITV1.

The celebrities and their and the animals they represented were:
Anneka Rice, television presenter - Polar Bear
David Suchet, actor - Giant Panda
Sadie Frost, actress and fashion designer - Orangutan
Michael Portillo, former MP - Hyacinth Macaw
Graeme Le Saux, footballer - Mountain Gorilla
Miranda Richardson, actress - Asian Elephant
Dermot O'Leary, television presenter - Leatherback Sea Turtle
Pauline Collins, actress - Bengal Tiger