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The Fantastic Flying Journey

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Emma Dollybutt, her brother Ivan and his best frien Conrad are taken by their Great-Uncle Lancelot to the zoo. Lancelot arrives in a balloon - a balloon the size of a house and with a small menagerie on board. At the zoo, Lancelots brother Perceval tells them of his great discovery - a dust that enables people to talk to and understand animals. But Lucretia Moore, the head of the worlds largest pet food company has also got to hear about it - and wants it to make herself rich and powerful by exploitation of animals. Perceval, Lancelot and the children are faced with the task of making sure this doesn’t happen. They transfer the formula to a computer disc. Their plan is to keep the disc hidden from Lucretia while Perceval sets about finding a safe place to continue his research. Escaping from Lucretia and finding Perceval’s new hiding place takes them around the world. Lucretia is powerful, ruthless and equipped with a never-ending array of fiendish machines. But the children and Lancelot have the disc and can call on the help of the animal world to protect and help them.


Emma Dollybutt
Great Uncle Lancelot.............Simon Callow
Lucretia Moore...................Miranda Richardson
Everton Drew


Written:....adapted from the story by Gerald Durrell
Produced....TV-Loonland for ITV

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Animated series consisting of 13 x 30min episodes
First screened ?