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Lost Secret / Lost Secret 2000

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A full length mystery/suspense drama which tells the story of a man who has lost his memory. Unable to answer such questions as "Who are you?" and "What is your name?" he is taken into the care of a doctor and a police inspector who try to help him recover his identity. The action ranges from Europe to South America and involves a sinister professor, a mysterious plant and the longest secret of a South American civilization.

Episode 1: Who is He?
The main character (Orwell) has lost his memory. He is questioned by the police
Episode 2: Who is He? (2)
Orwell is questioned by the police
Episode 3: Who is Sabina?
Sabina and Sline enter the story. Orwell recalls a conversation on an airplane and going through customs with a South American plant
Episode 4: Footprints in the Sand
Orwell remembers riding in Sline's car and checking in at the hotel
Episode 5: One O'Clock at Alfredo's
Orwell recalls a phone call from Sline, who has stolen Orwell's manuscript. Flashback to a restaurant, where Sabina puts something in Orwell's drink
Episode 6: The Laboratory
Flashback to Sline's laboratory where Orwell is forced to take the memory drug
Episode 7: Good News and Bad News
Orwell and Dr Roberts go to the library to get information about the Telo plant. Sabina takes the pages they need to Sline
Episode 8: Male and Female
Sline tells Sabina why the drug didn't work on Orwell. Orwell and Roberts hear on the news about a break-in at a greenhouse
Episode 9: We Have to Stop Him
Sline and Sabina are preparing a stronger version of the drug to test on Harry. Orwell and Roberts are on their way to Sline's laboratory
Episode 10: The Drug
Sabina prepares drinks with the memory drug for Harry and Sline. Orwell and Roberts break into the laboratory
Episode 11: The End
Two years later: Roberts and Orwell meet again, and he tells her the Lost Secret of the Mepatecs


Dr. Ross Orwell...........Tom Wilkinson
Professor Basil Sline.....Vladek Sheybal
Sabina Woolford...........Miranda Richardson
Dr Clare Roberts..........Karen Archer
Harry Grotch..............Dicken Ashworth
Inspector Marvin..........Robert Davidson
Others in cast............William Abney
                          Joan Blackham
                          Clive Corener,Anni Domingo
                          Brian Grellis
                          Sally Home
                          Nicolette McKensie
                          Henry Moxon
                          John White
                          David Barry
                          Graham Callan
                          Jocelyn Cunningham
                          Brian Osborne
                          Victoria Williams
                          Philip Goldacre
                          Bob Hewitt
                          Alex Leppard
                          Adrian Mills 


Year:....... 1986 
Written:.... R. O'Neill, M. Shovel
Produced.... BBC English

Reissued as CD-ROM course (Lost Secret 2000)

Production...DynEd Courseware

Reviews & Notes

Originally produced as an ESL (English as a Second Language) training course, and comes with Teachers Guide, Student Guide and work books.
Broken into 11x13 minute episodes (UK version). Has also been released in America.
Has screened on BBC Prime in the UK
The CD-ROM version has been re-edited from the original videos, and released as an interactive learning package. The videos are presented using Quicktime.