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A collection of articles featuring and interviews with Miranda Richardson. Click on the link to get the article text.

'Miranda Rules' - 1985

'Coming Attraction' - April 20th 1985 - by Joe Brown - Washington Post

Talks to Clare Colvin about her part in a stage shocker - 1985 - The Times

'Still Stranger' - The Times, October, 1987 (for 'Lie of the Mind')

Miranda Gets Tough - Radio Times article 1990 - (Die Kinder) By: Sally Brompton

'Three Times a Lady' January 29, 1993 - Entertainment Weekly

'Strong-willed Miranda Richardson: Headed for an enchanted March?' - People, February 15th, 1993

'The Grandeur of Miranda' - Vogue 1993

'Haven't I Met You Somewhere Before?' - February 1994

'In Step with Miranda Richardson' - Parade article Feb 1995 for 'Tom and Viv'

'Viv a Little' - 'Premiere' March 1995 - for 'Tom and Viv'

On the set with 'Swann' - by Teressa Iezziy, September 11th 1995

'Thank Heavens for Britains 'other' Royal Family' - by Laura Morice, 1996

'Fate Draws Richardson to Role' - Calgary Sun, August 13, 1996

'Oscar exposure helps Miranda' - August 19, 1996

'Richardson plays the perfect Patsy' - Ottawa Sun, (Evening Star) December 22, 1996

Interview on the Merlin set, at London's Pinewood Studios - from "Merlin - The Shooting Script"

Don't Get Mad, Get Rational - The Independent - 10th April 1998 (for 'Scolds Bridle')

Scolds Bridle - BBC America Press Kit 1998

'Miranda plays musical chairs' - Bristol Evening Post, April 25th, 1998

'Queenies Saintly Career' News Letter, June 13th 1998

Interviewed for 'The Apostle' - 1998

Mid Life Miranda, by William Leith - Sunday April 4th 1999

'I Never Talk to Strangers' - The Independent, 31st May 1999

Performing Women by Alison Oddey

Interview with Alison Oddey - from "Performing Women : Stand-Ups, Strumpets and Itinerants" - a book consisting of "fascinating, probing, intelligent" interviews with contemporary female actors, performance artists, and stand-up comics. (a picture of Miranda from 'Orlando' is used for the cover)

'Long May She Reign' - Adelaide Sunday Mail, (Alice in Wonderland) 1999

'In Queenies Court' - Birmingham Post, January 12th 2000

'Richardson puts the 'bite' into "Spider" role' - Reuters, December 19th 2002

'A Woman of Character' - Sunday Telegraph, December 29th 2002

'Sketching Miranda' - Globe and Mail, December 30th 2002

Miranda Richardson - Spider - BBC, December 31st 2002

'Miranda Richardson - The Hours' - UGO.com, December 2002

'This British mistress of disguise is once, twice three times a lady' - Premiere, Dec 2002

'The Queen of Queens is back on the throne' - The Journal, January 16th 2003

'Spider Star tries new spin' - NY Daily News, February 26th 2003

'An Act of Defiance' - Scotland on Sunday, July 20th 2008

'Until Mr Right happens to come along, actress Miranda Richardson says she's quite happy with her pets ' - Daily Mail, March 7th 2009

'Fit For a Queen' - GQ, June 2009

'Miranda's Singular Life' - Stella Magazine, May 2009

'My Hols : Miranda Richardson' - Sunday Times, 22 November 2009

'Travelling Life' - Daily Telegraph, 10 March 2010

My Bold Move from Queen to Castle - Sunday Times 5th September 2010

Miranda Richardson Brings Equal-Pay Activist to Life - CTV.ca News 14th September 2010

Queen of the Castle - Sunday Express 19th September 2010

Miranda Richardson's Little Green Book - National Geographic Green Winter 2009-2010

Miranda Richardson: Master of her game - The Stage 1st June 2012

Who's Still Queen? - The Times 11th January 2013

I love doing new or unvisited stuff - The Observer, Sunday 18 August 2013

I avoid roles where they want you to look like a knackered sad old bag - The Guardian, 26 December 2015

Miranda Richardson talks 'Stronger' and her Mercurial Career - The Gate, 2nd October 2017

'The Weinstein offices reeked of after-hours sex' - The Guardian, Friday 8 December 2017

Miranda Richardson: 'Age is a moveable feast now. We're not invisible' - Sunday Telegraph, 13th January 2018