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Interview for 'Dance With A Stranger' - unknown source - 1985

"Move over Di, Britain has a new leading lady, Miranda Richardon.

But though Tatler put her on its cover, and The Face announced "She's arrived," the actress can only say "Its all hype isn't it?".

Not exactly. Richardson, 27, is gathering rave reviews for her portrayal of Ruth Ellis, the last woman executed in Britain, in the film Dance with a Stranger, which opens here in July.

Richardson is equally blasé about her sultry love scenes with Rupert Everett, who plays the unfaithful lover Ellis kills: "I just got through them. He's not really my type."

The actress, who had been doing theatre outside of London before landing the lead role in Dance, had little in common with the high-strung Ellis, but Richardson says she understands her. "Most people have experienced obsession in one form or another. There's an inner turmoil in both of us. But so far, I haven't shot anyone."