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'Long May She Reign'

Sunday Mail, 1999

Miranda Richardson and Martin Short, both stars at the mini-series Merlin, are together again this week, and Richardson is again playing the queen.
The two are part of a star-studded cast for Alice In Wonderland, to be screened on Channel 9 on Wednesday at 7:30pm

"He is as magnificent as the Mad Hatter as he was as Frik," Richardson says of her costar, while Short is equally complimentary.
"I only work with Miranda if she plays a queen,"he says."ln Merlin she was Queen Mab..... in Alice she's the Queen at Hearts. Hopefully, next time I'll be her Essex.
"I love working with her because she's so good that she doesn't need to worry or make others worry. "She can be relaxed and playful on the set and then go right into character using all of that joyful energy in her performance.
"I suspect a lot at people are just learning what a brilliant comedian she is. Blackadder, her TV show with Rowan Atkinson, is total genius." Short says he's always wanted to play the Mad Hatter - "and then along came this marvellous script and with it the opportunity to create something real and three dimensional out of pure whimsy."
Likewise, Richardson says she was thrilled at the prospect at playing one of Lewis Carroll's characters - "especially such a delightfully wicked one!"