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There are so many clips featuring Miranda available via YouTube that this site can't keep up to date with everything available.

Click here to check out Miranda videos available on YouTube

When We Were Very Young / And Now We Are Six
Buckingham Palace - Miranda recites the famous poem from her audiobook version of the AA Milne classics (Windows Media Player)

Songs of Innocence - Protest Songs and Lullabies
Bitter Withy - Miranda performs at the concert celebrating William Blake on June 18th 2005 (MP3)

Rest and Recreation
clip - part of Comic Relief in 1997 (Real player required)

Churchill: The Hollywood Years
Trailer  (Real player required) (3 Mb download)

Fantastic Flying Journey
clip - Miranda voicing Lucretia Moore  (Real player required) (3.8 Mb download)

Rage in Placid Lake
Trailer  (Windows media player required) (.8 Mb download)

Trailer  (Realplayer required) (1.1 Mb download)

Snow White
Behind the Scenes  hi-resolution  (Realplayer required) (4.9 Mb download)
trailer  hi-resolution  (Windows media player required) (2 Mb download)

The Big Brass Ring 
Trailer  (Windows Media Player required) (1.4 Mb download)

Ted and Ralph 
Miranda's cameo  (Realplayer required)(2.5Mb download)  

Horrid Henry's Nits
from the audiobook "Horrid Henry's Nits" by Francesca Simon
Story #1  (lo-fi MP3, runs 15min) (1.5Mb download) 

Visit Amazon UK to purchase this and other Francesca Simon audiobooks

Get Carter
Trailer  (Realplayer required) (1.1 Mb download)

Chicken Run
Trailer  (Quicktime player required) (1.34 Mb download)

Sleepy Hollow
Interview  Runs approx 12 minutes (audio)(Realplayer required) (1.4 Mb download)

Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang [from JSR]
clips - including Miranda's song  Runs approx 30 sec (Realplayer required) (0.35 Mb download)

Alice In Wonderland
NBC commercial   (Realplayer required)

Interview as Mab Runs 1.5 minutes (Realplayer required)
Behind the Scenes Runs 2.5 minutes (Realplayer required)

Tales We Tell
When Shall We Live, If Not Now  Streaming (Realplayer required)

Dance to the Music of Time 
clip  episode 3 - Pamela has her fortune told  (Realplayer required) (1.4 Mb download)

The Designated Mourner
Trailer  Downloads before playing (Realplayer required)
clip from the movie  Downloads before playing (Realplayer required)

The Apostle
Trailer  Downloads before playing (Realplayer required)
clip from the movie   30 secs - Downloads before playing (Realplayer required)

The Night and the Moment
Trailer  (Windows Media player required) (.3 Mb download)

Il Postino (The Postman)
reading poem "Poetry" by Pablo Neruda   (Realplayer required)

The Crying Game
Trailer   (Realplayer required)

Enchanted April
Trailer   (Realplayer required)

Mr Wakefield's Crusade
clip  episode 2 - Mr Wakefield visits Sandra  (Realplayer required) (3 Mb download)

The Bachelor 
Trailer  (Realplayer required) (1.2 Mb download)

Twisted Obsession  
Trailer  (Realplayer required) (1.2 Mb download)

Smith and Jones - Olympus 
Clip  (Realplayer required) (.8 Mb download)
Miranda guests in the weekly segment  'Olympus', a soap opera set in ancient Greece,  playing an actress 'Meryl Catty', who plays Hera, wife of Zeus 

Empire of the Sun
trailer  hi-resolution  (Windows media player required) (1 Mb download)

Agony - From Here To Maternity (series 3 ep1 video clip) 
clip    2mins - downloads before playing (Realplayer required)
Miranda's first credited speaking scene.  She plays Gudrun, the newly arrived German au pair for heavily pregnant agony aunt Jane Lucas (Maureen Lipman). 

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